2012 Quilts at the Creek

Well, fall is here, and time to reflect on our first Quilts at the Creek held July 27 & 28th at Black Creek Pioneer Village here in Toronto. All who attended agree it was a resounding success. It is the perfect venue- the quilts look especially lovely waving slightly in the breeze, there was lots to see and do, and lots of places to sit, relax and enjoy the day. And wasn’t it fun to chat with kindred spirits about the quilts? Added bonus: my quilts smelled lovely and fresh after two days in the outdoors.

Good news! We will be running this event again next year, so get busy on that next quilt, and mark your calendars! The dates will be Saturday August 10th and Sunday August 11th 2013. Check back for more details as the planning unfolds- we have a lot of exciting new events planned for the show to make it bigger and better than ever.

Want to see some photos from the 2012 show? Some have been uploaded to Flickr. I’ll post more photos in the fall, when I gather those taken by other guild members.

Here are some comments about the show:

This blog posting is from a woman who attended the show with her mom. One comment on this blog (Anonymous, dated August 21st) is actually from my niece, who surprised me with a visit to the show with HER mom!

from Doris: The show was great! My family had good things to say about the displays – they liked that the quilts were outside and moved in the breeze. They noticed how respectfully the staff at Black Creek handled the quilts.

from Julia: I just wanted to let you..know that my husband and I had a wonderful day out at the quilt show yesterday. It was our wedding anniversary outing and a lovely way to spend the day.The setting was perfect as was the weather. The way the quilts were displayed was so beautiful, the variety of quilts on display was great, and the venue for the vendors was so interesting and innovative… You all did a marvellous job and my husband and I both felt it was the best show we have ever been to. We are looking forward to coming along again next year.

..and check out  Delores’ post about the show.  She has had at last check over 58,000 views to her blog. There is lots of positive feedback, and lots of photos too!

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