Over for another year

bagsThe quilts have been taken down, sorted into bags, and returned to their owners or on their way to quilt shops.  Photos will be posted here in the next day or two, and a larger number placed on Flickr. Here is the Flickr link… https://www.flickr.com/photos/republic_of_me/sets/72157646184487590/
A big thanks to all who helped make this such a success!

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4 Responses to Over for another year

  1. Gail Lockington says:

    Valerie you did an amazing job. It was So beautiful to see the quilts outdoors, blowing in the wind. Gail

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  2. Carol Nelson says:

    How disappointed in the quilt show on Saturday August 16. It started to rain as soon as I arrived at the Black Creek. I saw a few quilts and then people started to take them down. A $7.00 parking fee and a $14.00 entry fee and nothing to see. It was a waste of money beside the fact that I drove from Meadowvale and the 401 to get there. There should have been a contingency plan for rain. There was lots of places to hang the quilts in the buildings.

    Carol Nelson

    • Valerie says:

      Carol, we took the quilts down at about 2:00 pm when it was clear rain would hit our area. You are right, this is something we need to work on, especially communicating to visitors where we had moved the quilts. Approximately half of the quilts were placed in two indoor locations in the village, and visitors could have seen them there. They were in Town Hall draped over the benches, and in the Mennonite Meeting Place draped over tables and benches. Unfortunately, the possibility of rain is one of the downsides of an outdoor quilt show. Most visitors chose to visit the park on Sunday, when the weather was predicted to be sunny, and it turned out to be a glorious day.

  3. Great job and kudos to the team! Sorry about the rainy Saturday, but overall it was a beautiful show. You all should be so proud! This is a great photo to show how much work you all did to make this happen! I was happy to be a small part of the weekend and to have an opportunity to see the quilts.

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