Time to start thinking of summer

The latest instructions for the Pioneer Challenge are now posted, and the blocks are starting to come together- exciting! Here is the direct link for instructions, and check out what ours look like here..

WORKSHOPS: Sign up for Amy Garro workshops has begun. Click here for more information, and email Sandy Lindal to book for the class you want to take. slindal(at)hotmail.com. Or, if you are a member of York Heritage, visit the Q@C table during a break to sign up.

NEW THIS YEAR: As we grow this show, the logistics of organizing the quilt pick up and returns get more complicated. We now have FOUR quilt shops participating as a drop-off and pick-up location. They are:

If you drop your quilt off at one of these locations, it will be returned to that location for you to pick it up. Yes, you can delegate someone else to pick your quilt up, you will just need to email us in advance.. details to follow in a month or two.

VOLUNTEERING: If you are reading this blog, you are interested in Quilts at the Creek. Are you thinking of being a volunteer this year? We have decided to give a more detailed list of the jobs we need to fill, and will be posting this list next month. (Examples: we are looking for volunteers to pick up quilts from quilt shops, and deliver them to Black Creek; if you are tall, nimble, and organized, we need YOU for quilt hanging, etc etc). Email Jane to be added to the volunteer list.

We have a lot of exciting new things planned for this summer, so get working on your quilts, and sign up for monthly updates!

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