Quilts at the Creek is over for another year!

What an exciting event it was, and that included our dramatic will-it or won’ t it rain weather! We have already begun plans for next year, and the year after that!! so sign up for email notifications – you will get an email whenever we post new information.

Here is the link to the photos I took this weekend- enjoy, and if you have a few favourites, let us know!

2015 photos are up!

Me at the front entrance..
The first outdoor quilt you see.. and what a stunner!
Jane looking pleased after she has organized the bags for quilt pickup!DSC00228

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2 Responses to Quilts at the Creek is over for another year!

  1. Wendy Angelo says:

    Hi Valerie;

    Just wanted to say a big THANKS for all the work you and the rest of the committee have done to put on such a beautiful show! You all deserve a great deal of praise and congratulations for your outstanding efforts on behalf of the rest of us. Hope you have time for some R&R now.

    Cheers, Wendy Angelo

  2. Sherri says:

    Amazing show. You ladies really put together a spectacular event and should be so pleased with yourselves. Now you can take a break and enjoy some summer!

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