Q@C Challenge 2016

2015 Challenge: I have removed the month-by-month instructions, but you can still download the full pattern here:  The_Full_Pioneer_Spirit. Thanks again to Sherri Hisey of Border Creek Station for designing this for us.

For those of you who LOVED our Pioneer Spirit challenge and want to see more, Karen Howes has posted about the display, with LOTS  of photos. See them here!  Karen gave trunk shows in the town hall at Q@C 2015 on English paper piecing, and writes a blog called Faeries and Fibres.

Our 2016 Quilt Challenge theme: Blue By You

To start some of you off, we sold fat quarter bundles of fabric (kindly donated by Northcott). This fabric is to be used in the quilt, but the quilt itself can be any size, any style. When entering your quilt in our show, let us know why you decided on this design, and how it fits with the Blue By You theme. For those of you who did not get one of these bundles, no problem. Dig through your stash, visit local quilt shops, or visit your favourite online sites and find blue fabric that appeals to you.

Inspiration: For inspiration, you might like to look at magazines or pattern books and envision what you see in predominantly blue. Or you could make a quilt using more of your favoured colours and add the blue as accent. Some very creative folks will fly by the seat of their pants and let the material speak to them as they come up with a creation. Also, if you were to google “blue quilts” you’d probably find a great deal of inspirtation. If you were to research “modern quilts” you’d find many samples of not-very-complicated-quilt-tops but that had a strong focus colour/fabric. For example, Cheryl Arkinson, in her “Sunday Morning Quilts” book, made a quilt using blocks of colour that were constructed using scraps of the same colour. Jane Cramer made one for her daughter-in-law using blocks of blue, green red, etc, but it would also be lovely using blocks of blues and maybe a few other colours too.

In my mind’s eye I can already see a sea of blue quilts fluttering in the breeze, with the sun shining, bright green grass and trees,  and  a blue sky in the background. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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