Blue by You for July 2016

We’re so sorry that you missed the opportunity to buy the fat quarter bundles from Northcott.  They sold out!!  But that doesn’t stop you from entering next summer’s challenge “Blue by You”.  Use your own blue fabrics as the dominant colour and we’ll add your quilt to the “Viewer’s Choice” ballot.



Pretty soon we’ll be posting photos of your progress.  Mail photos to Jane Cramer Email your photos to Jane Cramer.

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9 Responses to Blue by You for July 2016

  1. says:

    Please let me know how to find out about the Blue by You quilt … is it a pattern? Thank you.

    Carline Oakley

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    • janeblogging says:

      Hi Carline – we have no rules!!! Just our size requirements (minimum 30″ per side and/or maximum length of 105″). It’s up to each quilter to make a predominantly blue quilt that is pleasing to you. If you google “blue quilts” on Pinterest you’ll see an amazing variety.

      • Carline Oakley says:

        Thanks for the response. I have been on vacation and just today checking messages. I will look at a quilt I have … started a few years ago … lots of blue … possible that it can be completed and used … we shall see.

      • janeblogging says:

        That’s terrific – you’re still miles ahead of me!!! Lots of ideas, but nothing really grabs me yet.

  2. Dolores says:

    Would a Row by Row quilt (the theme this year is water) meet the requirements or would one have to start from scratch now?

    • janeblogging says:

      Hi Dolores, predominantly blue … not previously entered at Quilts at the Creek … meets the size requirements of minimum 30″/side and no longer than 105″ … sounds like you’re ahead of us by a long shot – good for you!

  3. Paula Turner says:

    Just to let you know I did purchase two bundles of fat quarters. I do not have a plan as yet of what to do–the future holds that.

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