Haven’t gotten very far …


This is what my Blue By You fabric looks like now – all washed and pressed and waiting to be unpacked.  My husband and I have moved out of our home of 31 years and are waiting to move to our newly renovated condo – an exciting time for us but the blip is, no sewing currently!  I have had lots of ideas and think that I have a plan but who knows what will happen when I actually sit down to sew!

If you’ve started, email some photos and let’s see how you’re doing.  Don’t worry, I won’t post without your permission.

Until next time!


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4 Responses to Haven’t gotten very far …

  1. Doris says:

    Hi Jane:
    I’ve also ironed, fondled and pulled some other fabrics to go with the Blue By You bundle. Nothing actually started, hoping for inspiration to strike!

  2. Paula says:

    I don’t even know how this event works. I thought that there would be some guidance instead of being set adrift. Where is the patterns, where do you get other materials to make this blue by you. I need more or this won’t fly for me and I might just as well give the 2 bundles which I purchased to a charity or guild. Help, I need some serious support

    • janeblogging says:

      Hi Paula – I’m so sorry that you’re frustrated with this challenge. I’m a pretty new quilter so until recently had no experience with “challenges”, but last year at our guild we had a president’s challenge. Each participant was given a 8 X 5″ squares and the only proviso was that they had to use some of each of the fabrics on the front. This challenge is similar, in that we require that you use some of each of the fabrics on the front, but the choice of quilt design is up to you. Last year’s challenge was a mystery quilt designed by Sherri Hisey and each month there were more instructions of blocks to sew – this is almost the exact opposite. For this challenge you get fabric and no rules (almost) and last year you got rules and no fabric. For inspiration, you might like to look at magazines or pattern books and envision what you see in predominantly blue. Or you could make a quilt using more of your favoured colours and add the blue as accent. Some very creative folks will fly by the seat of their pants and let the material speak to them as they come up with a creation. Also, if you were to google “blue quilts” you’d probably find a great deal of inspirtation. If you were to research “modern quilts” you’d find many samples of not-very-complicated-quilt-tops but that had a strong focus colour/fabric. Cheryl Arkinson, in her “Sunday Morning Quilts” book, made a quilt using blocks of colour that were constructed using scraps of the same colour. I made one for my daughter-in-law using blocks of blue, green red, etc, but it would also be lovely using blocks of blues and maybe a few other colours too. I hope this is some help and looking forward to hearing about your progress.

  3. Carline Oakley says:

    Hi Jane – Hang in there – inspiration will come – it always does. As for me, I have not even taken out the partly sewn quilt top I mentioned previously. Too many other things on the go … I may not even be able to finish it for the next show. No worries though . there’s always the next year! (LOL)


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