Back to Blue Bayou!

Last September, I posted that I hadn’t gotten very far yet.  Well, since then, we have moved out of our home of 31 years, set up in our condo,  had Christmas and welcomed 2016.  And guess what, I still haven’t gotten very far.  I do have a pattern in mind and have done some cutting and auditioned some other fabrics.  My dear friend, Cathy, who is actually one of my inspirations to join this crazy world of quilting, has certainly gotten farther than I … We’re posting my strips and her completed quilt top.  I said for years that I just wanted to be like Cathy when I grew up, and the feeling continues.

Send us photos of your progress so you can inspire us.  JaneCathy

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3 Responses to Back to Blue Bayou!

  1. Shirley says:

    Wow… Good to know that someone is making progress. Hopefully there are a few more out there.

  2. Judy Duffy says:

    Love it, please send details of what it’s all about. Is there a challenge and rules?

    • janeblogging says:

      Hi Judy – thanks for reading our blog. Val posted today about this challenge and gave a bit of info about last year’s challenge as well. We don’t have any more of the fat quarter bundles but would invite you (and all your quilty friends!) to make a blue quilt and enter it in our show. Waves of blue quilts will look lovely. If you enter a quilt, you get in to the facility (Quilts at the Creek) for free. We’re also soon going to be posting our workshops with Kathy Doughty and we always would like to have more volunteers to help the show run smoothly. Keep in touch :). Happy Quilting!

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