Jane’s Blue Bayou is progressing … Slowly


I’m finally making real progress using these great fabrics.  I’ve kept to my first quilt idea, using a pattern from Kaffe, but I just didn’t get at it … So many other things to do and maybe I was a little intimidated.  So, here are my blocks, some embroidery will be added, then sandwiched with batting and backing and quilt as you go and now I’m pretty sure it’ll hang this summer!  Send us some photos of how your projects are going, even just a little corner if you don’t want to give the surprise away.

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4 Responses to Jane’s Blue Bayou is progressing … Slowly

  1. Hattie Van Dyk says:

    I am also working on my blocks…..the original design is called ‘Emeralds’……mine will be ‘Sapphires’. Sewing a little every day after work….

  2. Hattie Van Dyk says:

    Whew….all my blocks are finished……..just need to find the perfect fabric for setting triangles. I may actually get this done!!

  3. janeblogging says:

    Good for you – want to send us a photo?

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