Done and done

buntingBWell, what a show it was! The hottest weekend of the year, threatening rain off and on, and some fabulous quilts on display.. just routine for us at Quilts at the Creek.

As I have previously announced, this is the last year for Quilts at the Creek. Where I head in my quilting career, and if Black Creek continues with a quilt show, are both up in the air at present. On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the show over the years: most especially Jane Cramer, a terrific organizer and wonderful person, also a great sounding board for my ideas! Others involved in various aspects of the show should also be mentioned: Shirley Dawson and Judy Messenger for a terrific Shop ‘Round the Corner. Shirley’s flare for display and both Judy and Shirley’s presence in the Shop helped boost sales, I am sure. It also meant they had only small snippets of time to see the show. Sandy Lindal, and later Leslie Batt manned the workshops and trunk shows- thank you both! A big thanks to France Barrette, who took over signing up and organizing volunteers- the expression “like herding cats” comes to mind! Bev Sturgeon,  who at the time was president of YHQG, was onboard with the show from the start, and allowed me to reach out to the guild on a regular basis to describe this little show I had planned.  And of course there would not have been a show without all those volunteers who organized, hung and re-hung quilts over the course of three days: too many to mention individually, but you are in my heart forever.

Every quilt is safely at home or on its way there now. Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has entered a quilt over the past eight years… almost 2000 in total!

The Prince quilts have shipped back to the USA, and have arrived safely in Paducah Ky. If you missed them here you can always see them there. Bills have been paid (the cheque is in the mail for those who don’t eTransfer!)  and most of the quilts from the show are back at their homes, or at their drop off points.  Because our challenge this year was Map Your World, here are the photos of those quilts. A wonderful collection, so incredibly varied! I will post the rest of the photos I took on the photos page shortly. Enjoy, and have a great rest of the summer! All we have now is memories- thank you one and all.



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