Let’s Talk about Maps

We love talking about Quilts at the Creek. If you’d like to have us visit your guild/group contact Jane Cramer, and we’ll try to fit it into our schedule. We can promise a fun hour with a slideshow with great photos of the show, background info about the show, and of course quilts to display!

Entry forms will be available starting January 1st to enter your quilt for the 2019 show, and more information about events that will be happening at the show will be posted as we finalize details, so check back here.. or better yet, sign up to follow our blog (see side bar to the right).

Valerie Goodwin will be teaching workshops at Quilts at the Creek next summer- check out class descriptions here!  You will also find links for class registration there too. (Registration for her trunkshow will be posted at a later date.. stay tuned!). To inspire you and get you thinking about what YOU want to work on, we will be giving you ideas from now until next summer.

Here is a map quilt I made a while ago, about the area I grew up in in Montreal.. home, school and the local library were the centre of my universe back then.. I am hoping Valerie Goodwin’s class will help me create a less literal interpretation!

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What ARE we up to?

Quilts at the Creek 2018 is now history. Thanks to YOU for visiting and contributing your time and your quilts. This year our show was a huge hit with quilters, with a record number of quilts AND a record number of visitors. Couldn’t do it without you!

So what are we up to now? Well, we will be at QuiltX in St Marys September 21 & 22nd. We will have some of the BIG / small quilts that were shown at Quilts at the Creek on display there. Jane, Shirley and I will be giving a talk about the history of the show from its beginnings to where it is now. To give you a chance to get to know us better, we will also be showing some of the quilts the three of us have made over the years. Drop by and say hi!

We are happy to visit your guild to talk about Quilts at the Creek. Just ask- if we can fit it into our schedules, we will!  Email Jane with your request.

Our workshops for 2019 will be led by Valerie Goodwin. Valerie teaches architectural design at Florida A & M University. She is also a passionate mapmaker, using fabric as her medium to explore real and imaginary landscapes and cities. We will be featuring examples throughout the year to inspire you and get your creative juices going. Below are some samples of her work (click for larger image). So excited to try my hand at this, and learn her tips and techniques! Stay turned for details and schedule.

Last but not least: Cherrywood Fabrics makes the most gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics with the look and feel of suede in a wonderful range of luscious colours. They sponsor a yearly challenge, and the 2018 challenge was to use their fabric in a limited palette of saturated purples to make a quilt inspired by Prince’s music, style, movies.

The winners of this challenge have been selected, and will be touring North America. One of their stops will be Quilts at the Creek 2019. We are SO excited to present this special exhibit! All the quilts use the same colours, fabric, size and theme, so it should be a lot of fun to see the variety of submissions! I see there are 4 entries from Canada that made the cut- congratulations to Carole Cann, Christa Marcotte, Donna Sheppard, and Betty Sutherland!

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Photos are here..

I have uploaded my photos from Quilts at the Creek 2018 to

 Flickr.. click here to check them out!

Feel free to post your favourites to Instagram as #QuiltsAtTheCreek2018.. can’t wait to see them.

Here are a few on my personal favourites, forgive me if yours isn’t there, there were SO many amazing quilts this year!

I would like to extend a special thanks to all those shops that act as drop-off points for us. It makes it so much easier for quilters from outside Toronto to participate.. they just have to show up and enjoy the show, knowing their quilts are transported to and from the show for them- one trip instead of 2 or 3. Thanks again!

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It’s a Wrap!

Here are two photos- one taken at start of set-up on Saturday, and the other at start of take-down on Sunday. Photos from the show itself will be uploaded in the next few days.

Meanwhile, a big thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this a success, and to everyone who made their way to Black Creek Pioneer Village to see the show.

We dodged many potential rain storms all weekend, but a sprinkling of rain that started at 4 pm on Sunday made us whip through the park taking quilts down. Our team had much help, and they were down in ten minutes.. unbelievably fast! Many quilts are now safely home, and the others will be returned shortly to their drop off points. Again, thanks for sharing your quilts, thanks for participating, and thanks for attending!

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Perfect Weekend for a Quilt show!

Wow, you couldn’t ask for better weather for an outdoor  quilt show!

The quilts have arrived- over 300 of them! and the weather forecast is perfect. Lots to see and do- and buy! Be sure to check out the Shop ‘Round the Corner and our vendor area. Two food trucks plus the ice cream truck and a water fountain near the vendor area, so plan to be there all day!

See you there!

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Dates to Know

Taking TTC? Please note the subway will have a scheduled maintenance shut down July 28 & 29 2018, and will NOT be running between Finch West and Lawrence West on Saturday and Sunday during our show. It is open for business on Friday for quilt drop offs at Black Creek.

Wow, time sure flies when you are trying to finish a quilt for Quilts at the Creek!  Luckily applications are being accepted… the final date for applications has been adjusted to July 7th (ignore any others!), so if you are still quilting that quilt and are not sure you will finish, you have LOTS of time! You know you can always fill in the entry form while you are still sewing on that binding, nothing like a deadline to get things done!

If you submit a quilt to Quilts at the Creek, you can also sell items in our Shop ‘Round the Corner. Every year the diversity and talent that is on display-and for sale- in the shop is SO impressive.  You can find all the details on how to apply, how to prepare, etc here..
Shop ‘Round the corner 2018 PDF. 

Download and complete the Labels and Inventory List 2018, and email it to Shirley Dawson. Deadline for submission of this list is July 15th 2018.

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Are you being Challenged?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… so here are 4000 words!

Here are some samples of what you can do for our BIG /small challenge. ..a big quilt, with one BIG star. Special thanks to Shirley and Fabric Spark/ Country Clothesline who are now selling this as a kit!

… and here is another version: a big quilt with a small star.

If you want to take part in the 12 x 12″ portion of this challenge, here is a 12″ quilt- a small quilt with a big message. Thanks, Ann!

First the small version so you can see it IS small, then a close up so you can see her work.


Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Note: Interested in taking a workshop? Sign up before June 1st, and you may win 2 tickets to Leni’ Levenson Wiener’s trunk show on Saturday July 28th. Quilt application forms are now available online, so enter soon and enter often!


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