Quilt Applications 2018

Click here for the online form.

If you prefer, you can download an application form and mail it in. When you submit an online application or download and mail it in, you will be mailed a quilt label to identify your quilt. Please attach it securely – sew it on, or use several safety pins. AND remember your quilt number(s). This will help speed up picking your quilt up after the show.
Remember, we are looking for all kinds of quilts- from modern to traditional and anything in between. They do not need to be new quilts, as long as they are new to us. Got a quilt that has been in your family forever? Give it a breath of fresh air by hanging it at Quilts at the Creek this summer, it will look FABULOUS!

And don’t forget our quilt challenge for 2018: make it BIG / make it small. Interpret this as you wish- some suggestions:

A small quilt, with a big message (world peace?) This should be a 12 x 12″ quilt, and we will hang them together.
A large quilt with small blocks. Or one big block. Your choice!
Big and small in one quilt.. hmmmmm need to think about this one.

Happy quilting!


9 Responses to Quilt Applications 2018

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  3. Marian Naum says:

    I sent my quilt display entry form this morning – Jne-12-15, would you please confirm that you have received it, I don’t want to miss the deadline. Marian

  4. Hattie Van Dyk says:

    I did pick up a Northcott bundle and plan to submit my quilt in the Blue By You display……am I too late to send in an application?

    • Valerie says:

      The deadline has been extended to the end of the June, so you can still submit it- but hurry! Time flies when you are having fun.. quilting!

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  6. Erin Penrose says:

    Hi, I’ve been working on a quilt for Canada’s 150th. My quilt will be king size and now I see that there is a 105″ maximum. Is there any wiggle room on that maximum? Could the top be folded over on the display clothesline if it is a little too long? Thanks.

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